1. shocksand said: Are you proud of your butt?

    Are you looking at it? if so I’m disturbed.

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  2. Anonymous said: So if the food is not as good do you have to cross the border to get good food :O

    Authentic food is better when you get from the original country XD

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  3. Anonymous said: Would you like a speed art and if yes what's your favorite position ( without joking ) like with a guitar in hand or any other instrument and what is you favorite biome in minecraft :)

    I would love a speedart.  I don’t play guitar but I do play saxophone and piano so maybe do something with one of those.  My favorite biome is the Steep Hills.

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  4. New Royalty-Free Video OUT!!

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  5. Anonymous said: Pedro eres uno de los mejores usuarios de YouTube

    Muchas gracias.  Gracias por tu apoyo y bonitas palabras.

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  6. Anonymous said: Is it easy to find Taco stands in America?

    I think so, I don’t really look for stands as the food tends to be not as good.

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  7. "Pants Dance" as feature on my channel http://www.youtube.com/musicbypedro

    DOWNLOAD THE SONG HERE http://www.dropbox.com/s/w0x3wch1w384q6w/Pants%20Dance.mp3

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  8. Anonymous said: Dorito Tacos or Normal Tacos?

    Why don’t you ask your mom, she likes it extra spicy :D

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  9. 2012 - Will the Mayans be right?

    As I sit and reflect on the great year which is coming to an end I first off want to thank you for your awesome support and feedback on all the projects I’ve done this first full year of YouTube.

    I’ve been fortunate to meet so many awesome people, and work with people that I only dreamed about, and certainly not working with anytime soon.  It is clear this wouldn’t be possible without the help of you guys, my pugs.

    I started my music channel in November 1, 2011 with the help and counsel of Dennis Vareide, who I consider one the founding fathers of minecraft machinimas, although I wouldn’t have met him without the help of my good friends, Prebz and Arnerino from NoGamesForYoungMen.  I started out with them as a server moderator and earned their friendship and trust.  It was me and Cataclisto who started out as mods in their first public servers.  Cataclisto is now the Head Admin of TeamVareide and one of the most responsible people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

    Two months later after meeting them and later on Vareide I was inspired to write my first parody which was “My Favorite Things” based from “The Sound of Music” a great classic everyone should know.  It was there that I also met SlamaCow (or Steven) and was able to work with him on many projects.

    As the year progressed I was able to start producing more Royalty-Free music for you guys as well as creating custom intros and outros for those interested. I then picked up more parodies and other large projects with the help of Brad Knauber who is a fantastic singer.  With his help we have produced some great stuff for AntVenom, and Vaecon.  I also have had the opportunity to work with CavemanFilms, InTheLittleWood, and many more.

    As I grew and networked with more people I was very fortunate to have met the CubeHost guys (Bill, Devin, Cory, and Justin) who are laid back guys and are always willing to help me when needed.

    My Pug community has grown with the addition of the awesome staff I’m really fortunate to have.  These are great people who bring different talents to the table.  Lopsideful, my new Machinimaker is in charge of the video editing of my machinimas such as the “12 Days of (Minecraft) Christmas” his conceptualization though his camera work is one that is admired and liked by many other channels.  Ollie is my server admin and brings new ideas to keep the pug community fresh and interested (especially the one coming out real soon).  CJ is my community manager who handles a lot of the Facebook stuff and the @teampugro twitter.  George is also a great admin and helps out while also having the opportunity of working with the CubedHost guys.  Quiggles is a great asset as well as he helps with a lot of the building of sets in the videos as well as puppeteering.  SmileyAlmighty recently joined the team and is an awesome builder full of new ideas I haven’t seen in other people’s builds. Ormanator is a great graphic designer who tends to read my mind when I want something graphic wise done (I stink at graphic design).  And David (Davinzki) is a great guys who brings new ideas to the table as well as works on thumbnails for me.  You will be seeing (and hearing) a lot of these guys on the TeamPugro YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/teampugro)

    Now the year is coming to a close and I want to look at 2013 with fresh, new, additional ideas and concepts.  This is where you come in since you guys will be responsible for most of the content I put out so I want to make sure it is to your liking.  I would like to create more consistent content and I need to make sure it is to your liking.

    These are a few of the main items and ideas I have come up with:

    PARODIES - I will continue to do Parodies in my channel as well as collabs in other channels.

    ROYALTY-FREE MUSIC - I will continue to create more music, some with a video and some without.

    BEHIND THE SCENES - I will be creating more behind the scenes in order to show you guys a more “How its made” and the techniques we use to create our videos. This will usually be with Lopsideful since he makes the videos.

    BEHIND THE MUSIC - This is something new I came up with and will be implementing it with most of the machinimas and parodies I make.  I will go over all the things that make the music interesting to you.

    GAMING VIDEOS - with GamesWithPedro being no longer a running channel I will be uploading gaming content (mod reviews, snapshot videos, adventure maps/series, and other games with friends) to this channel. BUT, I would love to hear your ideas as far as maps, concepts, and so on.

    VLOGS - I know that my vlogs tend to be long but the last one I showed it to you because I wanted to show you guys all the great equipment I couldn’t have bought if it wasn’t for you.  My new vlogs will not run for more than 10 minutes.

    ANYTHING ELSE? - I cannot think of anything else I’d like to do for you guys.

    Consistency is one of my personal problems I want to work on so I came up with something like this:

    * 2 videos a week, on Tuesday and Thursday.

    * 3 videos a week, Sunday, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

    Let me know which one of these not only you’d prefer but realistically you’d see yourself watching.

    Again, thanks for everything, and please leave a comment below with what you think/feel about this and any ideas you want to bring to the table.



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